Freight Trucking 101: What It Is And How to Enhance with Digital Permit Book

What is General Freight Trucking?

General freight trucking is simply the movement of freight in semi and full trailers, in straight trucks but eliminates bulk transport and household goods. This type of freight trucking can include freight with a variety of items like supplies, equipment, and materials. Freight forwarders and shipping companies are responsible for arranging the transportation of general freight. By working with carriers, they ensure that the goods are delivered on time and safely.

Examples of general freight trucking are mentioned below:

  • General Cargo

It is one of the most common types of freight delivered worldwide it can include items such as household goods, office supplies, building materials, etc.

  • Perishable Goods

These are the items with limited shelf life that need to be transported within a short time, or else the items can be spoiled. For instance, fruits, flowers, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Dangerous Goods

These are the items that pose risks to the health, safety, and environment during transportation. This type of good consists of batteries, chemicals, and explosives.

  • Live Animals

This type of good in general freight trucking, requires special care and handling during transportation. This can include livestock, pets, and exotic animals. Live animals need to be transported with special care, adequate food, water, and ventilation.

The Freight Trucking Rates and Important Factors Affecting the Rates:

The freight trucking rate is simply the cost at which a certain cargo is delivered from one destination to another. The freight rate depends upon these things mainly the form of cargo, the mode of transport, the cargo's weight, and the distance traveled to reach the destination. The freight rates keep changing, but there is one thing that remains the same, which is the impact on the bottom line. It is highly crucial to budget and plan the freights properly as rates fluctuate by up to 50%.

There are five major factors affecting freight rates, and here is how one can work on them.

Flexibility and Speed

When planning the routes it is important to imperative routes, reduce idle time for drivers, and try to improve deliveries to specific locations to avoid multiple stops per week.

Weight and Density of the Shipments

To mitigate cost, it is advisable to use high-quality, low-weight packaging and work with a shipper of choice.


The addition of fulfillment centers to areas where you deliver most frequently, cutting down the number of deliveries to outlying areas, and holding deliveries until trucks are at full capacity are some of the best ways to maintain budget considering the factor distance.


To avoid blowing the freight budget, companies should forecast the weather accurately and establish good connections with their freight provider for brokerage services.


Weather strikes, pandemic hits, and much more surprising incidents can take place, which can affect the entire supply chain. This is another factor that increases the freight rate.

What is General Freight Trucking Long Distance?

Long-distance general freight trucking is one of the types of general freight trucking. It is the mode of transportation that uses motor vehicles such as trucks to deliver a variety of goods to transport goods between metropolitan areas and across the country border. The general long-distance truckload carriers provide long-distance general freight trucking between metropolitan areas. There are some main services in long-distance general freight trucking, which are listed below.

  • General long-distance truckload carrier
  • General long-distance less than truckload carriers

The market of general long-distance freight trucking is segmented by activities and size. Activities are separated into general long-distance truckload transit, generally long-distance less-than-truckload transit, logistics planning, container trucking long distance, and motor freight trucking long distance. On the other hand, if we talk about size, the market is segmented into heavy trucks, medium trucks, and light trucks and by application into oil and gas, energy and mining, food and beverages, industrial and manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, and others.

In short, an increase in the manufacturing output of different industries can give a boost to the growth of the long-distance general freight trucking market.

Get to Know About Freight Transportation Services Index:

The freight transportation services index measures monthly changes in for-hire freight shipments through the mode of transportation in tons and tons miles, which are combined into one index. Not only this but the index estimates the output of the for-hire freight transportation industry and consists of data from for-hire trucking, Inland waterways, rail, pipelines, and air freight. To have month-to-month comparisons, the TSI is seasonally adjusted to remove regular seasonal movement.

The Guide to Specialized Freight Trucking:

Specialized freight trucking is the type of trucking service offered by trucking companies that are experienced in transporting cargo that requires extra care. This can include hazardous material, oversized cargo, live animals, and other sensitive or fragile items. The most significant goal of the freight trucking industry is the secure transportation of these special items. Therefore, they provide the specialized equipment and personnel required for this task. In addition, a specialized freight carrier can handle necessary documents, permits, insurance policies, and specific needs of customers to make sure the shipment goes off smoothly. There is no doubt that the rates offered by the trucking companies for this service are competitive while still providing quality service, which makes specialized freight trucking the best choice for businesses looking to transport their items smoothly and safely. This service is of the most use to businesses as special trucks and equipment are used to transport the goods for different businesses in a short time with proper care.

All About General Freight Trucking NAICS Code:

In the trucking industry, there are industry codes. The U.S. government established a Standard Industrial Classification(SIC) to make sure that there is a uniform way of collecting, presenting, and analyzing the economic data related to trucking. However, later the SIC was replaced by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). There is a general freight trucking NAICS code 4841 with many other codes falling beneath.

A lost jewel: The yellow freight trucking company:

Yellow Corporation was an American-based transportation company headquartered in Nashville. One of the largest freight carriers in the nation was shut down on July 30, 2023, due to financial problems. As per analysis, most trucking companies operate well even after a steep fall in the business after the pandemic boost in purchases of goods. Yellow, which had 30,000 people employed, however, fell into another situation. The less-than-truckload business emerged in a better shape after the pandemic supply chain chaos. Yellow freight trucking achieved over $200 million in losses. However, another company with revenue the same as Yellow made a profit of over $4 billion. As per some analysts, Yellows' elevated costs were partly the result of the wage demand of its organized team. Some analysts also point to the senior executives at the company for Yellow's loss. Hence, the trucking industry suffered a substantial loss when one of the popular trucking freight industries collapsed due to the lack of management skills. There is no doubt that the removal of yellow freight trucking boards and the company's gate being chained permanently brought deep sorrow to the federal government and 30,000 employed staff.

Unlike yellow freight trucking companies, Here are a few companies that are working at their best in freight trucking.

  • Freight One Trucking

This freight trucking company is a licensed and DOT-registered company running a freight hauling business. It is one of the best companies providing its service in the freight trucking industry.

  • Freight One Inc

The Freight One Inc. company is the number one choice when it comes to handling freight logistics. Its effectiveness and good customer service make it shine out amongst its competitors.

  • Freight Star Trucking

It is a licensed and DOT-registered company that is running a freight hauling business. The company is the choice of many customers due to its good customer support.

  • Freight Line Express Trucking

The trucking company provides general freight trucking, truck transportation, and transportation and warehousing. There is no doubt that the efficiency in operations has made the company the top choice of customers.

  • All Freight Trucking Inc

All Freight Trucking Inc. is a Licensed and DOT-registered trucking company running a freight hauling business. The company offers quality freight trucking services at reasonable prices which makes it a popular choice.

  • Freightsol Trucking

This is the premier provider of freight trucking services which has expertise in cargo transport between USA and Mexico. Integrity, hard work, and mutual goals have made Freightsol a successful company.


The summation of all the facts highlights the need for an experienced owner of the freight trucking company. An owner with good trucking knowledge and skills will know how to spend money wisely in the business while simultaneously maintaining quality and efficiency. There is no doubt that a lucrative trucking business builds upon the experience. Experience helps the owner-operator learn how to manage the business wisely so companies like Yellow can experience a steep rise rather than a steep fall.

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