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Welcome to the Digital Permit Book Driver App!


Digital Permit Book Driver App is made with the driver in mind. Our simple to use mobile app is available on IOS, and Android.

Digital Permit Book Dashboard
Digital Permit Book Driver App.

Digital Permit Book Driver App, is your one source for all documents required on the road. The app has Driver, vehicle, and trailer profile. Each profile will store documents and info for each. We also have Documents model to show all documents to the driver in one screen.

Driver app is not just a source for all the documents, Driver app offers drop and hook for trailers, and allows to change vehicles if needed.

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Here we are doing a basic overview of all the screens, to get you to understand the structure of our Digital Permit Book Driver App! We will show you how to drop and hook trailers, or change vehicles. Additionally we will show you how to open documents to view or email.

Driver App & Samsara

Here we are going to show you how Digital Permit Book App works with Samsara App for drivers.

Here are links to download our app on apple iOS, and android store.

Here you can download Apple IOS App.

Here you can download Android App.

Here is the link to download our DOT Inspection Card & Driver User Guide.

Here you can download DOT Inspection Card.

Here you can download Driver User Guide.

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