The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Logbooks for Truckers in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Logbooks for Truckers in 2023

What is an electronic logbook?

An electronic logbook is a technological software utilized to collect records and save information regarding different events, activities and circumstances in an online database without extraordinary effort. These events and activities are recorded to analyze and evaluate the performance and outcomes of plans and actions. It is a transparent system to evaluate the performance and utilization of individuals and resources. It is a system that collects raw data from operations and converts it into organized, practical, accurate information. 

It can be used in different fields to record events and Instructions. Medical specialist, vehicle businesses, banks and many other businesses utilize it for their official work. Most truck drivers use e-logbooks to record their work hours and charges. This record-storing software is a bundle of ease for riders. It is used at commercial and industrial levels.

Why do you need an electronic logbook for truckers?

  • Increase Working Efficiency

It is an era of technology, and everyone wants to save time and money. Today, the world follows the rule of smart work instead of hard work, and technology has proven it right. An e-logbook can increase your efficiency, and you will do things effectively because you have just to give the related data of your tasks.

  • Reduce the cost

Your electronic technical logbook will remove all your worries about scanning, printing and storing tons of paper. This way, electronic logbooks are a lovely and beneficial alternative to paperwork that saves you money and time.

  • Data security

Your business data is secure when you upload it to your e-logbook, and you don't need to worry about fraud. It is an electronic automatic system that brings an accurate evaluation of your resource utilization.

  • Government requirement

In some countries like America and Canada, Governments also demand e-logbooks to detect the working hours of truckers to prevent road accidents because consecutive driving can affect the effectiveness of the drivers and can bring disastrous trouble. Many countries have decided to move with this system to regulate and control their traffic systems conveniently.

Through technical e-log books, Government authorities can deal with transportation and monitor road traffic.

How does a technical e-logbook work?

An electronic logbook demands multiple types of information regarding the vehicle and driver. The trucker or rider should have an account on legally authorized software regarding the logbook. That account requires official information from the concerned person, such as national identity verification, name, address, individual ownership paper of the vehicle and time zone of the specific country where the vehicle is operating.

When you sign up for the logbook software, it asks you about the engine's capacity, efficiency, working limit and safety system. When you provide all the required information, it then allows you to sign in.

Once you sign in to your e-logbook, you can log in whenever you need. For login, enter your account name and password, and you will be directed to your account.

What are the critical differences between ELD and e Logbook?

Features of ELD

ELD stands for electric logging device. It is equipment that is directly attached to trucks that provide commercial services and collect specific information about the working hours of drivers and vehicles.

The output from the electronic logging device is accurate and exact as it physically monitors the working of truckers and is attached to the operating system of the truck. Vehicle business owners can use this to evaluate the driving time and distance that their vehicles cover during working hours.

Through electric logging devices, the Government can impose traffic laws easily and control traffic law violations.

Key features of e-logbook

Logbook electronic is a programming software not directly attached to the truck. To use it, you must put all mandatory information regarding your vehicle, unlike an electronic logbook device. It is operated by an individual who is responsible for calculating the performance of the vehicle.

An electronic logbook has multiple features through which it records, evaluates, and stores data. Managers can use this to estimate the cost and expenses of their commercial trucking business.

Electric logging devices and e-logbooks have specialities and costs according to their features. ELD works automatically as it is connected to the vehicle operating system, but e-logbook software demands commands to evaluate the data. In the case of e-logbooks, you get robotic information according to your provided data to the system, but ELD provides you with realistic information. Electronic logging device is priced at once, but in the case of an e-logbook, you have to follow the specific payment policy of the software company you are using for your business. In e-logbooks, purchasing plans can differ regarding their features. You may have to bear the cost of a logbook continuously until you utilize it after specific periods.

Key benefits of electronic logbooks for truck drivers

Reduction in road accidents

E-logbooks help traffic police manage the traffic and quickly evaluate the hours of service of truckers. E-logbook creates a healthy traffic environment that protects the roads from traffic jams and road accidents.

Easy access to your business record

The logbook is a complete package of ease for truckers and industrial vehicle owners to access their data anytime because it contains full past data recording of specific events and instructions. You can easily make future decisions after analyzing past data of your business.

Share data immediately with inspection authorities.

Your data is one click away from you whenever you need it for your inspection. You don't need to store many files and then transfer them physically from one place to another for security purposes. You must log in to your e-logbook account and share data with concerned bodies to continue your work without any restrictions. You have to bear no cost for sharing this data, unlike traditional data-sharing options that demand a lot of time and effort.

Get rid of auditing costs.

The decisions of a business depend upon its performance, trends and growth. To evaluate all these things, the company requires a record of events and experts who apply different financial techniques and predict the direction of the business. Technical E logbook made it convenient and easy to analyze the data as it automatically evaluates the performance, predicts future market trends, and saves your time and money.

Guaranteed security of data

Every business demand data security, and business want to keep their fleet supply services detail private. Official data sharing can bring trouble for business owners as competitors can hit their potential clients. Hence, a logbook assures you the security of your data as your business doesn't need to hire someone else to audit and analyze your commercial data. You can quickly evaluate it by giving some commands to your technical e-logbook.

Prevention from frauds

E-logbooks prevent you from fraud as they automatically store and analyze data. Through stored data, they brought the required information. Nobody can put wrong figures in the end financial data.

Automatic data saving

Trucker e-logbooks bring your information whenever you need it. Once you upload relevant information about your vehicle to your technical e-logbook, it will automatically stored in the database of the software and available for the future.

Top 3 best electronic logbooks for trucking to boost your business in 2023

Today's market is concentrated with different types of e-logbooks that perform multiple valuable functions. Many technical e-logbooks are also available as mobile apps for users' convenience. You can easily download the electronic logbook app from the Play Store and use it anytime. Here, you will find the top 3 e-logbook software that will be your business partner as they contain multiple features that will help you to grow your trucking business.

1. Motive

Motive is an innovation that provides an electronic logging device tracker and a logbook. 1 Million drivers trust Motive for their commercial usage. The software tool of motive can be connected to their trackers for better results. There is also a motive app that can connect with ELD to detect driving hours, engine working and sleeping duration of the drive. Motive introduced two different mobile apps: one is the Motive Driver, and the other is the Motive Feet app.

It complies with the International Fuel Tax Agreement Association, which makes you pay your tax with ease.

Usually, for one commercial truck, a Motive one-year subscription lies between $400 to $600. Motive offers you a free trial of their service.

2. Samsara

Samsara is a technological logbook that offers different services regarding fleets and equipment digitalization of truckers for construction purposes. It allows you to evaluate your experience as a driver without any physical equipment. Samsara e-logbook mobile app helps you to avert traffic violations.

It has a feature of video analyzing that enables users to detect heavy objects on the road and direct riders accordingly. This feature works based on the driver's instructions.

If you want to buy Samsara to digitalize your trucking business, you must pay $350 per year. The cost of this software can vary depending on the specifications you want to utilize.

3. GeoTab

With a network of more than 3.5 million vehicles, GeoTab is the best platform for truckers. GeoTab offers four different plans according to your choice. You have the option to choose the best subscription plan for your business. It can monitor significant distance travelling.

GeoTab does not offer free demos; you must pay a subscription fee to use the service. A GeoTab subscription costs $360 per year. For ease of compliance with its electronic logging device, the GeoTab driver app is also available for an additional $100.


In conclusion, electronic logbooks have become indispensable tools for truckers in 2023, offering increased efficiency, cost reduction, enhanced data security, and compliance with government requirements. The top 3 options - Motive, Samsara, and GeoTab - are here to boost your trucking business, providing a range of features to streamline operations and keep you ahead in the ever-evolving transportation industry. 

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