The Power of Offline and DOT Mode in Digital Permit Book Driver App

The Power of Offline and DOT Mode in Digital Permit Book Driver App

What Is The Digital Permit Book Driver App?

The digital permit book driver app is a fleet management tool that lets all the key official documents be digitally loaded into the system. Furthermore, all the documents are featured by a new expiration date, which is then assigned to the driver, truck, or trailer. Drivers can easily view all the documents like trailer documents, driver documents, and company documents whenever they want by logging into the digital permit book driver application.

Without any doubt, the use of paper to manage and record every information and document has always been a burden on transportation companies. It is hard to manage and maintain permit information and documents without a doubt. The compliance handling becomes more error prone but thanks to digital permit book apps for taking over this burden.

How Does The Digital Permit Book App Work?

The permit book is a cloud-based app that loads, organizes, and stores important documents. It shows documents relevant to the driver’s login information and what type of truck they use.

This feature is of great help in maintaining compliance. This allows the right documents to get to the right trucks from the desks and get the updated document to the right truck instantly. 

The documents of a permit book are automatically cached, loaded, and updated whenever the permit book app is in the cell phone service area. The permit book application provides an email mode which turns out beneficial for every driver. If the roadside officer refuses to touch the driver's screen to see documents, the driver can simply email the documents to the officer by using the email mode. Hence the functioning of permit book application is efficient in all ways. 

The DOT Mode Of Digital Permit Book Driver Application:

Amongst many documents that are required by the truck driver on the road to help him stay prepared DOT( Department of Transportation) permit book holds essential importance. This mode of permit book is also known as a credentials binder. The permit book application contains all the important paperwork a truck driver must have during his journey. 

The DOT mode consists of the following important parts:

  • Commercial driver license

A commercial driver's license is a significant document for truck drivers. This grants them the legal authority of driving large, commercial vehicles across the road. The CDL provides surety that the driver has been trained and has acquired complete knowledge of safely driving large commercial vehicles on roads. The CDL is more than a license, it is proof of drivers' expertise in handling the large vehicles operated on the road, which poses risks due to their large sizes and complexity. 

CDL needs to be with the driver every time as employers require the drivers to have the CDL to prove that they possess the skills and knowledge to drive the large trucks safely. 

  • Motor carrier authority

The operating authority is issued by the FMCSA. It provides the authority to the carriers to transport goods across the state line and stipulates the type of cargo they can transport. It is proof that the trucking company has met all federal rules and regulations needed to conduct the trucking operations. The significance of the motor carrier authority is more than just compliance with the law. The brokers, clients, and freight forwarders consider working with drivers who are authorized to maintain professionalism and safety.

  • Medical certificate

The medical card is also known as a DOT physical card, which is proof of a driver's medical fitness. This makes sure that the driver is physically fit to drive large vehicles on the roads. If the driver fails to provide this requirement, the drivers are charged with fines and may even lose their contracts.

  • Proof of Insurance

Proof of insurance is a highly important document for the driver as it demonstrates the driver's financial liability in case of damage or accidents. In the accidents, the first document asked by the law officer is the proof of insurance.

  • Cab card

A cab card is simply proof of the vehicle being registered under the international registration plan. The cab card is a must to be carried by the driver as it contains a list of all the states and provinces that can be visited for transportation purposes. The cab card is not only important for registering the commercial vehicle but also for regulatory compliance.

The DOT permit book driver application turns out to be of great help as during the roadside inspections, important documents stored in the DOT mode are required. Upon the unavailability of these documents, hefty fines are imposed upon the drivers. 

The DOT Inspection Mode Access Lock In DOT Mode:

This is a great feature present in the DOT mode in the permit book driver’s application. This prevents access to sensitive information when the drivers' cell phones are handed over to the DOT officers. Upon activating this mode, only the past eight days of driving information are available for the officers to check. The feature is directly accessible straight from the menu, so it is always in drivers' reach whenever needed. 

This characteristic feature secures the privacy of the driver and provides the relevant information for the view of DOT officers. 

The Offline Mode In The Digital Permit Book Drivers app:

The offline mode is simply a golden mode in the digital permit book drivers app. The driver finds a ton of ease with his mode. The biggest advantage is that the documents can be accessed by the driver even in the non-service area. The permit information along with each document, be it the driver’s document, trailer document, or company’s document all are available for the read even in remote areas. The transportation business covers widespread transportation services, this also includes supply in old rural areas or far-located industries where the network connection is an issue. However, the inspection is there at every stop on the journey, which makes the availability of every document a vital need for the driver. Hence, this issue was solved by the best fleet management tool digital permit book drivers app. The digital permit book drivers app helps a driver maintain compliance with the rules and regulations of the company by having access to all documents and fleet operations on the app digitally just a click away. 

DOT Mode vs Offline Mode:

It is undeniable that both of the modes have added great value to the digital permit book driver app. The two modes are of immense help to drivers, fleet operators, and brokers all around the globe. The DOT mode is really important in storing the most significant documents and making them available when required by the drivers. Without DOT mode, the driver will need to carry these documents in paper form, which is a huge burden when it comes to maintaining and handling the documents. On the other hand, the offline mode also holds significance for making the documents available even in non-service areas or remote areas. In conclusion, it is valid to consider both of the modes equally important and necessary. Both of the modes fulfill the necessities of the driver in the trucking business in their different ways. Without even any one of the modes, there will be issues for the drivers when it comes to inspection and maintaining records. 


In a nutshell, the digital permit book driver app is of immense help to drivers in the trucking business. When it comes to fleet management, compliance management, and operation management, the application is the primary asset required. The two modes, the offline mode and the DOT mode, both are crucial aspect of the application and holds equal importance. Even statistics prove that drivers are unable to choose between one mode as both of the modes are required to lead a smooth trucking business and trucking operations. It can be said that if the offline mode is the water needed to grow the plant of the trucking business then DOT mode is like the sunlight essential for the plant's growth.


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