Find a complete solution for trucking fleets' document storage

 Find a complete solution for trucking fleets' document storage

The Need For Online Document Storage

Documents are necessary to run any business. Especially in the trucking business, where multiple documents are required for multiple purposes, for example, driver documents, company documents, truck documents, and many more. Hence handling these documents, of which many need to be updated again and again, requires a hard-core struggle. In short, it's a big burden to manage all these documents in paper form. Hence, storing the documents online is the best solution. Not only this but drivers require a ton of documents when they are operating trucks as there are several police and DOT officers inspections across many stops. 

Therefore, to clear these inspections without being charged with hefty fines and charges a bundle of documents is required. The online storage of the documents provides the documents' images to the drivers within just one click, making their lives a lot easier. Apart from this, there are lease documents and many others that require time-to-time upgradation, and upgrading the documents from time to time on paper and providing the upgraded information to the truck drivers, whether are en route or not, can be a huge challenge to the trucking company. So the best solution to this problem is the online storage of the documents on trucking software, which also allows the documents to be upgraded. 

In a nutshell, the documents being stored digitally like a Digital Permit Book enable a trucking company to be compliant with rules and regulations and to run smoothly.

Advantages Of The Digital Management Of Trucking Documents:

There are hundreds of advantages to the digitized fleet management system; it has become the go-to measure taken by trucking company owners to maintain smooth fleet management. The owner-operators look for the efficient and quick ways in which the work can be done. Online document storage is the most efficient and fast way to deal when it comes to document storage, maintenance, and upgradation.

Here is a list of a few most crucial advantages that online document storage brings with it when different software and mobile apps are used to store documents online. These advantages are worth gold when it comes to organizing documents, handling fleets, and bringing smoothness to company prospects.

  • Drivers can capture images of the documents using the mobile application or features provided by some trucking software. This will ensure document availability to the driver wherever he goes on the transporting journey. The documents are also available to the driver in remote areas where several transportations are taken; drivers can easily pass the inspections carried out in remote or local areas. 
  • Online document storage brings efficiency to the entire fleet system. There will be a proper check on the number and type of documents present, upgraded, or required. The company will find it more easy to analyze and judge their performances and can take a deep look into the ups and downs.
  • The drivers are not charged hefty fines as they can access all the necessary documents needed by the inspection officers on the phone and can fulfill the criteria in case of emergency or accidents too. 
  • The cost of preparing, upgrading, and distributing paper documents to drivers, managers, etc is greatly reduced. The company only needs to invest in a good mobile app and software to digitize document storage. 
  • There is no doubt that when documents are stored on mobile apps or software, they are secure. Preparing a new document is a tough job because it requires one to go through many procedures and fulfill criteria. So, securing the documents online is one of the best ways to keep the documents secure.
  • A proper online management system for documents is surely the best way to run fleet management smoothly as all the documents are arranged, secure, and up to date, making it easier for a company owner and drivers to go through other prerequisites that require documents.
  • Managing the documents through a mobile app and software also helps a trucking company maintain compliance. With all the documents stored and updated, the owner-operators get a clear look at which driver is following the rules and whether the company is on track when it comes to following policies. 

In conclusion, the best solution for document storage is the online management of documents. It reduces human error, cost, required labor, and time to responsibly handle one of the essential needs of a trucking company: the documents. Document storage through the use of various trucking software and mobile apps benefits not only the owner-operator of the trucking company but also the drivers and other employees.

The Best Ways For Online Document Storage:

To lead smooth trucking fleets, all documents must be secure, arranged, and up to date. Without a doubt, good fleet management can be obtained by having a proper online system managing and securing the company’s documents. 

One good way out of many ways is the use of mobile apps. There are many efficient and fast mobile apps available through which the drivers can simply get pictures of the documents whenever they need a document. This saves their time and energy. Moreover, mobile apps provide a user-friendly interface, which makes them even better for drivers and employees in the company to use. 

Another great way to digitize document storage is the use of software. There is a lot of great software available for trucking companies. The trucking companies can save a good amount by digitizing the documents that can be used in buying such software. These software not only allow document storage but also document upgradation, notifications regarding expiry dates, document protection, etc. This all helps the drivers and employees to stay connected and updated 24/7. Moreover, the software allows centralized document sharing and shows only the required document as per the need. Nowadays, many trucking companies are buying good, affordable software that shares user-friendly interfaces to streamline fleet management. Some software can provide documents when the phone is in a non-service area, helping the drivers with all sorts of problems.

Best Software For Document Storage

Here is a list of a few of the best software available for document storage:


It is a great software for online storage of documents. The software simplifies sharing processes and ends the communication gaps. It provides 24/7 support for document handling. The documents can be shared everywhere from anywhere by simply generating quick links under protocols which can then be sent via email, WhatsApp, and other platforms.

Digital Permit Book

This is an excellent choice for online document storage, designed specifically for the needs of trucking fleets. It offers a user-friendly interface and offline mode that ensures document accessibility, even in areas with limited network coverage. It is trusted by some of North America's largest carriers. Integrates seamlessly with Samsara and Motive.


It is one of the best software for storing trucking company documents online. Along with handling documents, it also streamlines the dispatch operations and supports communication between drivers and managers. 


The software helps an owner-operator in fleet management by storing documents, tracking vehicle movements, and monitoring the driver's performance to provide feedback on driver behavior. The software does not alone support document storage but brings a handful of other features, too. 


It is a software that supports an owner-operator of a trucking company for several days. The software is a cloud-based procurement, accounting, and logistics solution for businesses. It allows the users to handle accounting, expenses, invoices, jobs, and much more.


It can be concluded that storing the documents online is the best solution for managing documents to manage the trucking fleets. The owner-operator can make good profits by managing the documents through mobile apps and software which leads to smooth fleet management. Good fleet management will thus lead to increased fleet numbers, and a well-organized trucking business will be built. Not only is this solution beneficial for the owner-operator, but it is of great help to the driver too. The driver gets all the documents with just one click. Due to the availability of the documents every time and everywhere, the drivers can pass the inspections smoothly without being charged with hefty fines. Not only this, but a trucking company using technology also experiences advances in business and fleets. Clients are more attracted to a company that is more advanced in terms of technology and handling different significant prospects in a business. Apart from this, a company can save money by simply investing in good software that provides both online storage of documents and other essential features. This leads to a streamlined compliance and fleet management system as the employees only need to adapt to one technological advancement rather than two software and a mobile app. 

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