12 Best ELD Devices for Trucking Fleets & Owner Operators (2024)

12 Best ELD Devices for Trucking Fleets & Owner Operators (2024)

ELD Devices for Trucks

In today's trucking industry, ELDs are essential for managing driving hours and ensuring FMCSA compliance, whether you're a large trucking fleet or an owner-operator. Choosing the right ELD is crucial, given the numerous options available. This guide will explore the top 12 ELD devices for trucking fleets and owner-operators in 2024, as well as cheap ELD devices, considering features, affordability, and operational needs, with insights from the FMCSA list of registered ELD providers.

Best ELD Devices for Owner Operators & Truckers:

1. Samsara ELD:

Samsara ELD is the best eld for hotshot drivers and fleet managers, with user-friendly features ensuring compliance with Hours-of-Service regulations. Its robust fleet management capabilities include optional upgrades to a Field Management System.

Best for: Hotshot Trucking and Reliable Services


  • Optional dashcams
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Engine diagnostics and fault codes
  • Violation alerts and RODS visibility
  • Driver behavior reporting
  • Fuel tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Excellent value plans
  • Easy learning curve
  • Strong 24/7 support


  • Frequent software updates

Price: Custom Pricing

2. Motive ELD:

Motive ELD simplifies hours of service tracking with its user-friendly interface, offering quick logging, violation alerts, and two-way messaging. Its mobile apps enable real-time HOS tracking, ensuring seamless communication with officials for regulatory compliance.

Best for: Truckers Seeking 24/7 Support.


  • Better route management
  • Reduced fuel wastage
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Location tracking
  • HOS alerts
  • Quality customer service
  • Easy to install and learn
  • Compliance breach alerts


  • No international integration
  • Some people have trouble with annotation notes for revisions.

Price: Custom Pricing

3. Geotab ELD:

With Lytx integration, Geotab GO Cloud ELD provides a complete solution for controlling driving hours and vehicle inspections, guaranteeing safety and legal compliance. Quotes are available for pricing, which must be paired with Lytx fleet management tools to provide a solution that is customized to your fleet's requirements.

Best for: Truckers with data breach concerns


  • Inspection checklist in the app
  • Messaging via app
  • Automatic alerts for near violations
  • Easy to use with full Lytx FMS
  • Compliance Breach Alerts
  • Driver notifications
  • Supports dash cams


  • Only available bundled with other Lytx compliance services or its full FMS
  • No two-way messaging
  • Pricing by quote only

Price: Custom Pricing

4. Matrack ELD:

Matrack ELD complies entirely with FMCSA regulations and provides dependability, simplicity, and a lifetime guarantee without any commitments. Its robust technology and user-friendly app make it a popular option for fleets and truckers alike, and its hassle-free functioning is guaranteed by its 24/7 technical assistance and simple installation process.

Best for: Truckers on a budget


  • Automated reporting
  • FMCSA and DoT compliance
  • Automated and accurate HoS logs
  • Easy DoT log transfer on inspections
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Accurate travel logs
  • Idle time tracking
  • Risk alerts & Real-time safety management


  • No two-way messaging
  • Dispatch only with add-on

Price: The device is free, with a $19.95/month subscription.

5. Garmin ELD:

Ideal for owner-operators, Garmin ELog offers upfront hardware fees together with subscription-free ELD solutions. It facilitates hassle-free HOS monitoring and long-term investment with FMCSA compliance and easy-to-use software. Accessible data retrieval made flexible using USB or Bluetooth is guaranteed.

Best for: No Monthly Subscription & Long-Term Use


  • Automated recording of HOS
  • Reliable name brand
  • No monthly subscriptions
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Easy to install
  • Report data in two ways
  • Compatible with iOS and Android


  • No IFTA reporting
  • Expensive hardware

Price: $249.99

6. Gorilla Safety ELD:

For FMCSA compliance, Gorilla Safety ELD provides complete fleet management with digitization. It offers variable pricing without long-term commitments, customized to various fleet requirements, GPS tracking, and electronic logbooks for truck drivers for increased productivity.

Best for: Document Management


  • Great for easy documentation
  • Low pricing
  • Reliable service
  • Location tracking is accurate to one mile
  • Schedule Mechanic inspections


  • Support isn't 24/7

Price: Initially $175, then  $26.99 monthly

7. GPS Trackit ELD:

Owner-operators will find GPS Trackit ELD's contract-free, FMCSA-compliant hardware to be perfect. With dash cams, asset tracking, and maintenance schedules, it provides comprehensive fleet management. With the driver app's simple driving time tracking, users have freedom.

Best for: Simple Maintenance


  • FMCSA and DOT-compliant
  • Automatic HOS recording
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Fuel tracking
  • Dispatch and communication
  • Geofencing
  • Customizable alerts
  • Asset protection


  • Price by quote, with full telematics solution only
  • No traffic alerts
  • Poorly rated mobile apps
  • No free trial (Only a 30-day money-back guarantee)

Price:  Monthly Subscription Starts at $24.95.

8. KeepTruckin ELD:

Fleets find KeepTruckin ELD to be a very popular option due to its intuitive UI and adaptability. It is a cost-effective solution that many truckers trust because of its user-friendly driver app.

Best for: Fleets of all sizes


  • 24/7 tech support
  • FMCSA and DoT compliance
  • IFTA fuel tax reporting
  • Intuitive Driver app and Driver coaching
  • Vehicle Inspections and Diagnostics
  • Trailer and Equipment Tracking
  • In-Cab Wi-Fi Hotspot


  • Limited trailer functionality
  • Contract lock-in
  • Pricing complexity

Price: Start at $20 per month with a complimentary one-year hardware lease.

9. Verizon Connect ELD:

Verizon Connect ELD integrates easily with any fleet management system and performs very well in back-office operations, safety, and compliance. It offers comprehensive solutions, including driver scheduling, maintenance, and DVIR generation, with flexible integration and competitive pricing.

Best for: Large Fleets & Reporting


  • Live maps
  • Geofencing
  • HOS driver notifications
  • DVIR to assist forecast maintenance and minimize breakdowns
  • Simple dashboard for administrators
  • Customer support over the phone or online
  • DoT compliance and FMCSA-approved
  • Fuel tracking


  • Lengthy three-year contracts
  • Pricing not transparent
  • Not a fast compliance solution because of the sales process

Price: Customized pricing is available upon request.

10. Transflo ELD:

Transflo ELD ensures safety and streamlined fleet management with comprehensive tools and BYOD support. Its integrated cellular chip enables continuous data recording for seamless connectivity between drivers and office personnel.

Best for: Streamlined Fleet Management.


  • Easy-to-install solution
  • Driving time compliance
  • Instant GPS tracking
  • Accident detection and reconstruction
  • DVIRs
  • Fuel tax reports from IFTA
  • Vehicle diagnostics


  • Limited compatibility with some devices
  • Potential for connectivity issues in remote areas
  • The user interface may not be as intuitive for all users

Price:  $109.99 upfront, subscriptions from $28/month. A Fleet plan with advanced features starts at $31/month.

11. BigRoad ELD:

BigRoad Dashlink ELD offers affordable compliance with easy installation and cross-border support for both USA and Canadian regulations. Its in-app load matching feature streamlines load selection, saving drivers time on the road

Best for: Irregular ELD users.


  • Innovative mobile application
  • GPS tracking
  • BigRoad web portal
  • IFTA reporting
  • Real-time visibility
  • Document scanning
  • Easy installation
  • Saves money by tracking fuel use


  • GPS signal drops occasionally
  • Limited integration with other fleet management systems

Price: Device-free + monthly subscription $25-$36 per vehicle.

12. Blue Ink Bit ELD:

Blue Ink BIT ELD offers budget-friendly simplicity with a plug-and-play setup and no monthly fees. They have the cheapest ELD devices. Despite lacking advanced features, it ensures compliance and basic fleet management tools. Ideal for those prioritizing affordability and ease of use.

Best for: Affordability


  • Easy vehicle maintenance
  • Simple setup
  • Interactive app
  • In-motion and engine status tracking
  • Data from the E-Log Engine VIN ELD Compliance HoS Tracking
  • Fuel Reports by IFTA
  • GPS Tracking Without Monthly Charges


  • Sync issues reported
  • Free plan limitations
  • No built-in GPS

Price: 295$ for the device and 30$ monthly for a premium subscription

What is ELD, and how does it operate?

Hardware used in commercial cars to track driving time is called an electronic logging device, or ELD. It collects information on the engine, position, speed, and other parameters by directly connecting to the car's onboard diagnostics port. Most commercial vehicles must have an ELD installed, per the FMCSA's ELD regulation.

What makes a good ELD device?

A good ELD, like the Trimble ELD, keeps drivers focused on driving and offers various benefits such as safety and compliance. ELD compliance ensures adherence to FMCSA regulations, avoiding fines and ensuring smooth border crossings. Third-party ELD compliance testing ensures unbiased evaluation. ELDs streamline DOT inspections, reducing human error and citation risks.

How do ELDs benefit large fleets?

ELDs allow simple logbook edits within FMCSA rules, enhancing usability. The latest ELDs offer user-friendly interfaces, real-time data access, and top security features like encryption. Comprehensive diagnostic evaluations from ELDs provide vital safety data, ensuring compliance and vehicle maintenance. ELDs improve efficiency, safety, and compliance for large fleets, with benefits like real-time navigation and safety features.


Selecting the right ELD device is crucial for trucking fleets and owner-operators to ensure regulatory compliance, enhance operational efficiency, and improve safety on the road. With the top 10 ELD devices listed in this guide, trucking professionals can find solutions tailored to their specific needs, whether it's advanced fleet management capabilities, ease of use, or affordability. By leveraging the power of ELD technology, trucking fleets and owner-operators can optimize their operations, stay compliant with regulations, and drive success in the competitive trucking industry.

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